Even after a huge Christmas dinner, everyone always makes room for dessert. Our most popular ones include our: Christmas Log Cake (Yule Log cake), Christmas cake, Panettone WITH NATURAL LEAVENING and our best Christmas cookies. We've got a wide variety of holiday favorites you're sure to love

PANETTONE(Italian Christmas cake)

The unforgettable classic Panettone. Poetry of flavors that explode with every bite. A bottom cake , worked with natural yeast and with candied fruit and raisins. Covered with a glaze and almonds. 


Roma Bakery Panettone WITH NATURAL LEAVENING :

The History …the tradition.

An irresistible festive treat. Everybody likes to have a panettone in the house, precisely because it is the very symbol of Christmas: everybody eats panettone, but only few know its ancient and incredibly laborious recipe. It takes 36 hours, in fact, to make a panettone: a real undertaking, a little work of art. Eating panettone is an art, as Italians well know. Before cutting it, they always remember to let it “soften up” near a moderate heat source, so as to allow certain ingredients (butter and egg) to exalt their properties to their best.

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